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Manufacturing / Industry

Description of the DVC THEME

Electronics and hardware manufacturers are facing the challenge of the acceleration of the pace of innovation, the increasing complexity of technologies and a tighter time-to-market. These disruptive factors pushed engineering companies to rethink their processes, and to collaborate with design and engineering consultancy firms (including companies developing tools for these products) to build more performing products at a faster pace.
More specifically, manufacturers in domains such as electronic systems and electrical motors are concerned with optimizing their products while finding a good balance between power consumption, computing performance, cost of production including bill of materials.
There is however a challenge to establish a trusted and secure data value chain between manufacturers and engineering consultancy firms.
Manufacturers of hardware products have datasets of power consumption of their products, which hardware designers could reuse to optimize future product designs. However, this is highly sensitive data, and manufacturers are not keen to share this data with hardware designers.
There is therefore a need for a DVC between hardware manufacturers and designers, which allows the free flow of historical product usage data (e.g. power consumption) for optimization of future hardware designs. More concretely, there is a real need to have a repository of consumption patterns, classified by the integrated functions and the technologies used in the hardware design.

Expected global results:

  • To increase the competitiveness of product designers and manufacturers by shortening the cycles of product design and development.
  • To decrease the costs of hardware manufacturing (electronic systems, electrical motors) by establishing a stronger value chain with product designers and end-users.
  • To reduce the power consumption of hardware, therefore leading to more energy-frugal products used as both consumer goods and industry equipment.