Digital Innovation Hubs

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) are orchestrators of the R&I activities in specific geographical regions. They serve as a one-stop shop for SMEs in their path to digital transformation. DIHs are key for overcoming entry barriers for SMEs into the data-driven economy.


Are you a DIH willing to work with leading innovators in the data economy?

As a DIH for REACH you will have the opportunity to propose a data-driven sector theme and challenge, relevant to your region and ecosystem and share samples of data, which you will share with the selected startups in order to facilitate them to address the challenge proposed. You will be participating closely in the evaluation and selection of the startups and will have the opportunity to mentor the selected startups in their development phase, and/or possibility to track/engage with them in their later stages.

Benefits of joining

Become part of the REACH Incubation programme

Set up new theme-driven challenges aligned with your ecosystem/region needs

Facilitate access to data and promote your service offerings

Contribute to the unlocking of the Data Economy

Drive and support the implementation of cutting-edge solutions

Enrol incubated startups/SMEs and enhance your ecosystem partnerships

Engage with the ecosystem

Engage your regional network in data incubation and acceleration support services

Tap into investment and innovation opportunities

curent digital inovation hubs

The open call for Digital Innovation Hubs is now open!

Deadline to express your interest is 15th September.

You can express your interest in taking part in the REACH programme by sending an email over to:

DIGIHALL is a DIH specialised in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and cyber-physical systems. It was launched in March 2017 with strong support of the region Île-de-France, which will invest €300 million over 5 years within their smart regional strategy. DIGIHALL is led by a Research and Technology Organisation (CEA LIST) and an industry cluster (SYSTEMATIC), who federate different actors spanning from academia and education providers, to venture capital, incubators and testbeds. The DIH offers services such as testing facilities, digital maturity assessment, training on digital skills, and access to customers and finance. The aim is to accelerate technology adoption and knowledge transfer to industrial actors.

Data Cycle Hub is the Reference Digital Innovation Hub in the Valencia Region to promote data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity based innovation. The objective is to close the gap between research and the industry, specifically SMEs, as well as the Public Administration, providing innovative solutions and services to make the best decisions regarding technological investments. It is an ecosystem composed of all the relevant agents and part of the AI Digital Innovation Hubs Network. All the technologies covered by the DIH are around DATA, covering from Data Gathering to Visualization. In this sense, the DIH addresses Primarily Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, but also other key digital enabling technologies like Cyber Physical Systems, IoT, Cloud and High Performance Computing Platforms or Statistics Optimization. The DIH was one of the 5 finalists to the DIHNET DIH Champions Challenge 2019.

The CERTH/ITI nZEB Smart House is a rapid prototyping & novel technologies demonstration infrastructure resembling a real domestic building where occupants can experience actual living scenarios while exploring various innovating smart IoT-based technologies with provided Energy, Health, Big Data, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. As the first Smart near-Zero Energy Building in Greece, it combines enhanced construction materials and intelligent ICT solutions creating a future-proof, sustainable and active testing, validating and evaluating ecosystem.

RTU ITI Digital Innovation Hub focuses on solving complex digitalization problems and knowledge and technology transfer to businesses and society. It specializes in enterprise integration, development of scalable cloud solutions for big data processing, data mining and machine learning including applications in cybersecurity, IoT, intelligent transportation systems and biotechnology, modelling and optimization of complex systems, development of digital twins as well as digital transformation of organization by using advanced information technologies.

CERR is Digital Innovation Hub Emilia-Romagna, one of the 22 Italian DIH, funded by Confindustria Emilia-Romagna and the other major industry associations of Emilia-Romagna Region, and is part of the EDIH recognized by the UE. CERR is a Business Innovation and Technology Transfer Center recognized by the Emilia-Romagna regional government, a node of the High Technology Network, acting as a link between companies, researchers and institutions. CERR is also part of a wider innovation ecosystems of Public-Private Partnerships.