Social and induced perception of the tourist territorial resources of a destination

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Play&go experience creates customized APPS that improves the user experience, based on serious games, geolocation and augmented reality. With geolocated data we provide the user information of interest getting more interaction. Besides that, it is a channel of real-time communication for organizations, obtaining geolocated information (socio-demographic and psychographic), for hypersegmented marketing campaigns and public policy planning.

Summary of the challenge:

The goal is to generate a geolocated dashboard that shows the social and induced perception of the tourist resources of a destination, for the administration to have another source of information about the perception of quality that users have and be able to make improvement decisions.


Mobility in the territories has changed since the emergence of the Internet and the popularization of social media. Users share information on social media from specific sites and do so on the go, which is called under the acronym SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile). Through the geolocation of their mobile devices, they perform what is called a check-in, so that the user indicates where they are, but also what they think of that site, which directly affects its online reputation and must be analyzed semantically to identify if the comments are positive, negative or neutral. On the other hand, new tools emerge that use gamification elements to promote this mobility in the territory, so that these check-ins and assessments are carried out in previously defined Points of Interest (POIs).
Therefore, in the first case the users perform these actions voluntarily while, in the second case, the users perform those actions within an induced game dynamic. This fact has numerous implications in the territory, the most significant is that the spatial and temporal behavior of visitors can be modified, while their social behavior indicates mobility patterns, the induced behavior responds to previously established patterns.
The challenge consists of the analysis of these tools, through the analysis of a specific territory, through a series of social tools (Twitter, Foursquare and Google My Business) and the use of a gamification tool (Play&go experience) that provides data through game dynamics (game data).

The results obtained must offer a dashboard of geolocated data that allow public administrations to take decisions for future actions to be implemented in public space, improving territorial structuring and redistribution in terms of sustainable mobility, always within the framework of smart tourist destinations and the use of geolocation as a communication tool between the administration and citizens in a given space.

Expected outcomes:

  • To identify the most valued Points of Interest (POIs) in social networks, Google Maps and Play&go experience.
  • To select those Points of Interest (POIs) in which all the databases match, identifying the 20 most valued.
  • To identify the most relevant words, semantically, on these 20 resources, differentiating positive comments from negative and neutral ones.
  • To develop a dashboard that allows to know the social perception of the tourist resources.

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