Challenge Catalogue

In this challenge catalogue, you find the challenges tackling the DVC Themes from Track 1, as well as the ‘ready-made challenges from Track 2, where the challenges, data sets and data providers are all pre-defined by us.

Ride sharing service for goods

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-TERA_5.3

Optimisation of visual inspection process

Challenge code - REACH-2022_THEMEDRIVEN-CERR_8.1

Optimisation of maintenance process

Challenge code - REACH-2022_THEMEDRIVEN-CERR_7.1

Dynamic resource management of civil protection department for Smart and Safe Tourism Destination

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-DEUSTO_6.3

Monthly sustainability diagnosis service for small municipalities or rural destinations

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-ITI_6.2

Predictive pickup model for hotel revenue strategy

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-ITI_6.1

Marketing-driven forecast of agricultural production

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-DEUSTO_5.2

Marketing-driven forecast of agricultural retail sales

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-DEUSTO_5.1

Building Occupancy & Comfort Inference

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CERTH_4.4

Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CERTH_4.3

Microgrid Energy Management

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CERTH_4.2

RES forecasting

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CERTH_4.1

Respiratotry sound recognition

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CERTH_3.4

Securing data transactions

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CERTH_3.3

Activity detection utilizing multi-modal data

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CERTH_3.2

Speech/no speech activity detection

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CERTH_3.1

Privacy-aware provision of End-user feedback on product usage

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CEA_2.3

Data-based Optimisation of Manufacturing Processes

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CEA_2.2

Continuous Improvement of Product Design based on consumer data

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CEA_2.1

Digital Product Passport

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CEA_1.1

Predictive maintenance and production optimisation in industry

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-IDEA75_2

Dynamic (Capacity-oriented) production scheduling

Challenge code - REACH-2022-THEMEDRIVEN-CEA_1.2

Data science for health insurance fraud detection

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-ALMERYS_2

Improving the customer journey in our self-scan app

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-SONAE_1

Energy cost assessment and forecasting

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-SMAT_1

Forecast of production needs

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-GRUPOAN_1

Analyze the behavior of tourists and increase their average spending

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-PLAY&GO_1


Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-YKT_1

B2B Energy – Behavioural Predictive Model

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-EDP_1

Data science/data manipulation in order to gain insights from the market

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-ALMERYS_1

Plant energy monitoring and efficient management

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-IDEA75_1

AI for suggesting visually appealing images based on Flemish/Dutch text

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-VRT_1

Performance based classification of keywords in Google networks

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-JOT_2

Prediction of temporal patterns of keywords and categories behaviour

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-JOT_1

Object detection from images

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-MIGROS_3

Demand prediction

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-MIGROS_2

Data driven stock-out prediction

Challenge code - REACH-2022-READYMADE-MIGROS_1