Challenge Catalogue

In this challenge catalogue, you find the challenges tackling the DVC Themes from Track 1, as well as the ‘ready-made challenges from Track 2, where the challenges, data sets and data providers are all pre-defined by us.

Profiling and clustering elderly people in need of support at home with data from different information sources and sectors

New products and services to improve the wellbeing of elderly people and caregivers at home, respecting their desire to remain at home.

Dynamic pricing and resource management for accommodation and food-beverage serving businesses

Tourist flow and demand prediction in a territory

Impact of crisis and risk management strategies on sales and costs (the case of COVID-19)

Prediction of consumer behaviour in emergency scenarios (the case of COVID-19)

Building Occupancy & Comfort Inference

Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

Energy sources optimization

Privacy-aware provision of End-user feedback on product usage

Data-based Optimisation of Manufacturing Processes

Continuous Improvement of Product Design based on consumer data

Smart Assistance to healthcare practitioners in fraud prevention

Profit optimisation of insurance companies by decreasing fraud-caused loss

Smart mechanisms for fraud detection in healthcare insurance

Securing data transactions

Activity detection utilizing multi-modal data

Speech/ no speech activity detection

Improving stores’ efficiency using clients shopping times

Catalogue deduplication

Fraud detection in healthcare reimbursement transactions

Detection on health insurance fraud

Keyword impact estimation for high-performance marketing campaigns

Credit risk analysis of sme based on financial data

Risk optimization of small business in banking domain

Flemish text-to-speech

Dutch autosummarization

Sustainable mobility model for events and tourist destinations

Analyze the behavior of tourists and increase their average spending

Optimal replenishment for fresh produce

Predictive maintenance and production optimisation in industry

Data driven technology for efficiency in energy intensive industries

Keyword price prediction for digital marketing campaigns profitability

Optimal pricing for fresh produce