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AI Alfred

Game Changing Advanced Forecasting in Retail.


AIGAD: AI for GNN-based Anomaly Detection for maximising productivity in industrial domains and minimising the effects of potential downturns even before they happen.


Automatic Summarisation in Dutch.


Daitomic is the Aptus.AI’s SaaS that exploits AI-powered machine readable regulations to enable faster and more accurate compliance decisions.


B2Metric is a next level of AI-powered Auto-ML based platform to maximise insurance growth, retention and revenue with the best customer segmentation and fraud detection.

Beedata Analytics SL

The aim of the proposal is to create a toolkit formed by a customer segmentation model and a behavioural model for energy and services predictive acquisition, and for churn prediction.


Builtrix energy intelligence solution helps energy experts, consultants and facility managers to uncover abnormalities and energy-saving opportunities in their buildings using data analytics.

CADChain B.V

Dutch extractive auto summarization for VRT.

ComSensus, d.o.o.

Energy consumption disaggregation services.


Cost and time estimation software for manufacturing.


CyStellar TerraRisk RE – An AI-based Geospatial Risk Assessment and Management Platform.

Dative Partners S.L

Marketing campaigns optimization with data and actionable promotions. ROI, control and traceability with a few clicks.


MITEE (Machine-learnt Industrial Twins & Energy Efficiency) will build different kinds of digital twins to monitor, control and optimize energy consumption.

EV Loader

Solar Charge Data Service connects charge point operators with Renewable Energy Producers.

Frizbit Technology, S.L.

Smart Keyword Selection for Click Through Rate Prediction.


Automating the data value chain in power line inspection with long-range drones.

IN2 Digital Innovations GmbH

SERRATE will help nudge tourists to pick more sustainable tourism offers and destinations thanks to personalised data-driven storytelling.


Data-driven map for augmented experiences and smart communities.

Konetik Deutschland GmbH

Charging Assistant MVP.


Decision Support System for the discharge of sewage white waters in rivers according to water level predictions.


PLATONIC focuses on building an AI-powered recommendation system for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.


Detecting Speech Activity Indoors.


Automated platform to manage all your SMB online advertising.

SIXPHERE Technologies S.L.

Polaris multitask AI-based verification module for delivery and reception processes in manufacturing.


Blockchain-aided federated learning approach as the ideal solution to break the data silos in Press Agencies workflows & unlock the corresponding DVC opportunities.

Travel2Fit P.C.

ROSIE – Revenue Optimizing System for tourIsm smEs.

Urban Data Collective

Data driven decisions support tool for the rollout planning and management of EV charge points.


Railway infrastructure defect identification using computer vision and machine learning.


HEATwin – Energy management platform based on automated Machine Learning.


Wiibiq is a High tech SaaS platform designed to optimize logistics and manufacturing industrial processes in real time.

Xylene GmbH

Transparency for your supply chain, verified. GmbH

Smart Management Software for District Heating Networks.

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