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Acceleralia SL

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Track 2

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Product Description

To efficiently track the performance of digital marketing actions, it is essential to carry out performance indicators. These metrics are essential to know the performance of each action and make the right decisions. The project consists of creating an index through predictive models that, using machine learning, historical data collection, Big Data and pattern recognition, allows predicting future results. This index will be used to refine decision-making and recommend whether or not to invest in initiatives introduced on the platform.

The algorithm to be implemented will allow the re-training of the predictive model, allowing the artificial intelligence to learn from new cases and from its previous predictions. The indicators must be quantifiable, periodic or temporary, and measurable. For this, a database focused on networking and marketing campaign statistics, among other data, will be used.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation): This standard will be used for data exchange in JSON format, which is widely supported and commonly used in web applications and RESTful APIs.

RESTful API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface): This standard will be used for designing application programming interfaces (APIs) following the principles of the REST architecture, which is a widely adopted approach for creating scalable and interoperable web services.

OData (Open Data Protocol): Will be used for exposing and consuming data through web services, providing a standardised way to describe, access, and update data over HTTP/HTTPS.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): This European Union regulation will be adhered to for data protection and privacy requirements, including ensuring that personal data is collected, processed, and stored in compliance with applicable data protection laws.


Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Barcelona, Spain


TIC and Digital Transformation


Company maturity:

Live funding and product-market fit

Investment level:

Series A

Funding raised:

< EUR 500,000

Collaboration opportunity:

Product development, Marketing, Service / Support, Product testing and revision, Investment

Company Description

Acceleralia is a Spanish technological startup that is dedicated to create customized virtual spaces for business assoaciations, clusters, hubs, EU Consortiums, etc. We aim to optimize the performance of each community and its work teams, as a new communication tool for its clients, suppliers, partners or collaborators. We structure these virtual spaces into 4 areas adapted to each industry. The 1st space is the “Learn”, where the users can generate useful knowledge for the community. The 2nd space is “Create”. = Where the knowledge acquired in the Learn area creates ideas or solves challenges. The 3rd space is “Accelerate”, Here is where we incubate and accelerate the best ideas generated in the Create area. And lastly, the 4th space is called “Help”.  With the leaders of the business and our classified experts, users get the best knowledge in the Learn space, get monitored on the Create spaces and mentored in the  Accelerate.

A complete virtual space for innovation to boost knowledge, turn it into ideas, and later make it tangible into successful projects, thanks to the added talent of each community. Since our founding in 2020, we have grown exponentially. We have grown from a team of 3 people to a team of 23 people in 2021. We have also been named as one of the best startups in the Catalan ecosystem in Spain.

Joan Anton Guardiet Mas

His training has been mainly in project management and development, with an MBA in Business Administration and Management (ESADE 2010), a postgraduate degree in business management (UNED 2003) and his degree in EINA (UAB 1995). He has also just finished a PhD in digital platforms (UIC), which has been recognized as Cum Laude. Professional experience of more than 20 years in the business world. Joan is a consultant and has been a shareholder in 6 companies and co-founder of 3 Startups (some he has sold well, others he has closed and in others he is still involved) and he is also a professor in several business schools which allows him to be up to date in knowledge. He has over >5000 contacts and over 40 recommendations on LinkedIn to back up the above. His experience has been based on consulting positions, and business management and expansion; being a great speaker in the different events in which he has participated. In terms of consulting, he is an innovation consultant recognized by Acció. His participation, as an example, has been during the coordination of the innovation program of the Procornellà business network for 3 years, with more than 60 business projects; the coordination of the innovation program with Acció of collaborating corporations with startups (2017); the definition of innovation strategy for Niu, the investment and innovation vehicle of the government of Andorra; the development of the SEAT innovation challenge of improving communication between the factory and dealers, among others.

Jose Granifo Correa

Data-driven transformation specialist and data science expert, with a distinctive aptitude for business intelligence and project management. Having graduated from ESADE Business School, Barcelona, in 2020 with an Executive Master in Digital Business, he has mastered the craft of formulating and executing digital transformation strategies. His expertise extends to the management of intricate projects, utilizing his strong organizational and leadership skills to deliver successful outcomes on time and within budget.
Further augmenting his skills, he completed the Business Agility program at ESADE, where he delved into agile work methodologies. This education provided him with valuable insights into how to implement these adaptive and efficient practices within multifaceted projects and across different enterprise functions.
Over the past 8 years, he has showcased his capabilities as the CEO of two successful startups in Chile, managing end-to-end processes that ranged from vendor negotiation to sales and marketing. His proficiency in data science and business intelligence has been a cornerstone of his work, enabling data-informed strategies that have driven success and growth. His leadership has cultivated teams of up to 7 professionals, fostering an environment of innovation and continuous learning.

Irene Marcaide Aranzana

Professional specialized in digital marketing, passionate about new technologies. She considers herself a non-conformist, always looking for new learning and new challenges. She has a university education in the field of legal sciences and two masters in business administration and marketing management from IE Business School and EAE Business School. She is an enthusiastic, positive person and loves relating with people and teamwork. Focused on objectives, being able to make decisions and act quickly, being flexible and adapting to changes and emerging needs. She has lived and worked in different countries such as England, Hong Kong, USA and Dominican Republic, which has contributed to her personal and professional growth, feeling very comfortable working in multicultural environments.

Jose Luis Juan Verdejo

He is a business leader with experience in executive management and team leadership in the motorcycle and powersports industry. For nearly 18 years, he was part of the ownership of the JJUAN Group, a reputable multinational company that designed and manufactured brake components worldwide. During his time at JJUAN Group, Jose Luis led the team to success and built the company into a major player in the industry. In November 2021, the JJUAN Group was acquired by Brembo SPA, and during 2022, Jose Luis supported the new management in the integration process. Currently, Jose Luis is part of Acceleralia SL, a company dedicated to the acceleration of startups. Jose Luis has skills in strategic planning, strategic alliance management, customer service and team leadership.

Gabriela Balcazar Ruiz

She is an expert in project delivery, ensuring excellent user experience and driving business innovation. She has a background in organisational transformation and business management at MCI The Entrepreneurial School, and studied industrial engineering. He also has knowledge in Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master Certified, etc. He has experience as a product manager, data product owner, associate consultant. Therefore, he has 7 years of experience in this field.

Sandra Castejón Fanlo

She has a deep experience (+5 years of experience) in financial management acquired working for a wide range of companies. financial management. In addition, she is also co-founder of hosstinn, the new solution for hospitality training. Full time dedication.

José Antonio

José Antonio possesses Advanced Vocational Training qualifications in both Web Application Development and Cross-Platform Application Development, as well as a Master’s in Full Stack Web Development from Three Points – The School for Digital Business. After a brief tenure as a Hardware – Software Technician at the Ministry of Justice, he joined the team at Acceleralia as a Full Stack Developer, leveraging his expertise in PHP using Laravel, JavaScript, JQuery, VueJs, and more.
In addition to his primary role, he also managed MySQL databases and AWS resources, demonstrating a keen understanding of big data. His background in data architecture has been invaluable in ensuring the smooth operation and optimization of these complex systems. Furthermore, his work has been underpinned by a strong knowledge of compliance standards, ensuring all activities are conducted in line with relevant regulations and best practices.