Company Name:

Amplify Analytix Ltd

Incubation Round:

Explore, Experiment, Evolve

Application Track:

Track 3

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Product Description

Amplify Analytix proposes a novel time series forecasting product called DFAST that enables teams with little data analytics knowledge to arrive at a reliable forecast. It makes use of modelling innovations in data science combined with a deep understanding of business needs to forecast flexibly and frequently. It is more versatile than currently available tools because it can seamlessly combine proprietary with external data. The DFAST tool can be used for inventory, production or financial forecasting and planning in industries where the environment is dynamic and companies need to plan across a variety of products, locations and under different conditions. The rich methodology under the hood of the DFAST Engine provides extended capabilities of working with large as well as more modest data. It has built-in capabilities to forecast the new normal resulting from one-off events like Covid, the war in Ukraine that have disrupted the standard trend and seasonality patterns.

DFAST delivers four major advantages:

  1. Seamless integration of data from external sources such as weather, market trends, and macroeconomic indicators, which are important drivers of demand. This is especially valuable when external factors change dynamically, as off-the-shelf tools often do not include them in the analysis.
  2. Testing for dependence across various products and locations to be forecasted. This helps identify relationships such as joint consumption or substitution between products, and common trends across locations. Considering these cross-relationships in models improves efficiency, accuracy, and precision, especially when historical data is limited.
  3. Flexible data manipulation capabilities, including slicing and dicing of data, along with powerful visualization tools to gain a clear understanding of the characteristics of individual time series.
  4. Model competition across a wide range of traditional Econometric and Machine Learning methods, ensuring the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

Amplify Analytix is committed to maintaining data interoperability while adhering to stringent security measures.

  1. Data exchange protocols: We work with the following data exchange protocols, among others: SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), REST API, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).
  2. Data exchange formats: We work with the following data exchange formats: JSON, Parquet, XML and CSV, among others.
  3. Data Encryption:  All data will be encrypted at rest using an industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. Data is transferred using secure protocols like HTTPS, encrypted tunnels and VPN connections, and VPCs.
  4. Data governance and security: Amplify is GDPR compliant, and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) certified.
Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Sofia, Bulgaria


Manufacturing / Industry


Company maturity:

Scaling in products or markets

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Funding raised:

< EUR 100,000

Collaboration opportunity:

Legal / Regulatory, Product development, Marketing, Distribution, Service / Support, Product testing and revision

Company Description

Amplify Analytix is a ‘data science for business’ company that exists to help business teams get the most from their data, then use it to solve business problems and take advantage of opportunities.
By extracting, processing, modeling, and visualising data at scale, Amplify strives to help its clients make better and more efficient business and strategic decisions with clear and easily measurable business value.

Amplify Analytix have gone from a small start-up established in 2017, with a big ambition to make the benefits of data science accessible to all kinds of teams, to a strong business. Now reaching the 5-year milestone, Amplify Analytix has a 50-strong team of data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts and serves 20+ global names across the world, including Sidel, Henkel, Rockwool as well as premium B2C brands like Harrods and Philips, and was a finalist of the European Data Incubator award 2021. The company’s work has twice last year been published in peer-reviewed journals like the Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics.

Involvement in Standardisation Bodies

Amplify Analytix is ISO 27001:2013 certified, meaning that it follows the strictest of IT security procedures and best-practices. Often, the company develops its analytical and technical solutions directly into the clients’ infrastructure (through VPNs, company laptops or developers’ servers) and in their available technologies. For clients with less mature infrastructure, Amplify Analytix also develops models and analyzes data in its own environment which is entirely hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

Laura Murphy - CEO

Utilising her 20 years of diverse sales & marketing experience, Laura founded Amplify to help companies improve their commercial performance with data science.

Sani Gaydarska - Director of Analytics

As the Director of Analytics, she oversees the business analytics team and develops the company’s data strategy and business analytics propositions’ roadmap.

Milena Petrova - Director of Data Science

Milena has extensive experience in a number of established international product companies, working on data-science driven product strategy and design.

Ivan Naydenov - Senior Data Scientist

Ivan is a Senior Data Scientist & Team Lead with 9 years of extensive experience in data science and machine learning in multiple domains and industries.