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Phoops srl

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Track 1

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Energy Sources Optimization

Product Description

BriX is a white label platform produced by phoops that provides its customers with a complete tailor-made service aimed at monitoring, analysing and improving the production sites’ performances. It relies on the microservice logic and has, at its core, two FIWARE based components (the CEF-Context Broker and the Cygnus State Change Subscriber) that are fundamental for the collection of contextual information. It supports the connectivity with several devices (e.g.: IoT sensors) and handles various types of data fluxes. Its modular structure is flexible enough to be adapted to the end-customers’ needs.

The platform is equipped with a data lake and a machine learning (ML-AI) module. On the one hand, it simultaneously stores energy-related data and contextual information (e.g.: weather forecast data). On the other hand, it uses that data to monitor and optimize energy production and consumption. The platform has two main endpoints: the first one is dedicated to the generic users who, thanks to a mobile application, can monitor in real time the performance of the energy system. The second one is instead dedicated to the technical operator/manager who can monitor simultaneously all the energy production sites.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

  • shared data and metadata models (e.g. FIWARE Smart Data Models)
  • open data formats (json, geojson, csv, …)
  • standard API and protocols (REST API, HTTPS, NGSIv2, …)
  • open integration platforms (CEF Context Broker, …)
Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams




Energy | Manufacturing / Industry | Mobility | Smart city


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Scaling in products or markets

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< EUR 1,000,000

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Company Description

Phoops is an Italian IT company that offers services within three core sectors, Mobility as a Service, Smart City and Smart Energy. Its mission is to make its customers’ life easier, make their business more profitable and provide reliable and real-time information to its end-users. Phoops works together with its customers and, through its data-driven solutions it provides them with reliable, intuitive and usable decision-supporting tools (e.g.: dashboards and monitoring tools). Phoops engages its customers and develop with them in an agile fashion the perfect decision supporting tool while providing to its end-users updated and reliable information through their smartphone. Phoops mixes data, technologies and people to enable powerful and innovative tools transforming massive data into benefits for its end-users, increasing their satisfaction while reducing the carbon footprint. Phoops can count on its years-long experience in the realm of smart cities coupled with smart energy and industry to provide to its end-customers the perfect taylor-made solution.

Filippo Severi

Filippo Severi is phoops’ funder and CEO. Thanks to his 10+ years professional experience in business Strategy, accounting, and finance he is responsible for all phoops’ business strategy decisions.

Massimo Mangoni

Massimo Mangoni is phoops’ CTO. With his 10+ years experience in the IT sector (IT engineering and system administration) he is responsible for all phoops’ technical choices and plays a core role in the company decision-making.

Benedetta Carlotti

Benedetta Carlotti is phoops Project manager. She holds 6+ years of both professional and academic experience. In phoops she is responsible of projects and R&D area coordination.

Alberto Ciolini

Alberto Ciolini is phoops’ junior data analyst and developer. He holds a 4 yeasr experience in the IT sector and he is specialized in data analysis, ML and AI in the realm of smart city and smart energy.