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Simtera Bilisim Iletisim Teknolojileri LTD

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Track 2

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Product Description

FabMetrics (FM) is a low-code platform that provides machine builders (MB) and OEMs the ability to integrate digital solutions into their physical products and leverage the power of AI and IIoT. The platform’s value proposition is based on enabling its clients to easily adopt a servitization business model, generate extra revenue streams with low initial investment, and realize high RoI by leveraging AI & IIoT. The platform offers a range of products, including FM Insight, FM MES, FM Gateway, and FM AI. FM Insight provides real-time monitoring and analysis of factory performance, while FM MES is a system for shop floor workers to monitor and record data about production assets.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation): A lightweight data-interchange format that is easy to read and write, and widely used for exchanging data between different programming languages.

CSV (Comma-Separated Values): A simple text format used for storing and exchanging tabular data, where each value is separated by a comma, making it a common standard for data interchange in spreadsheets and databases.

Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Istanbul, Turkey


Information Technology


Company maturity:

Pre-MVP and MVP, Live funding and product-market fit

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Funding raised:

< EUR 100,000

Collaboration opportunity:

Legal / Regulatory, Product development, Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution, Service / Support, Product testing and revision, Investment

Company Description

The innovative software development company, Simtera, was started in 2019 and has been creating cutting-edge products to enhance the manufacturing industry ever since. Simtera’s excellence in this area led to the company winning an open call from the EU Horizon, specifically for a project focused on predictive maintenance and anomaly detection tools. In 2021, Simtera worked with Borcelik through the EFPF cooperation and successfully completed the FabMetrics AI platform. By 2022, Simtera had expanded its sales activities to focus on machine builders and OEM and had acquired EAE Machinery as a new client. Simtera was also awarded open calls from DIGITBRAIN and EIT Manufacturing and proceeded to the PoC phase with several clients. The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence sets it apart in the software development industry.

Naim Kenan Hacıevliyagil

Kenan manages Simtera, IT projects & consultancy. MS. Management of Tech., his experience in IT, motor manufacturing, IIoT, AI, cloud,and big data.

Neslihan Tuzun

Neslihan is PM with a MA in Marketing, Bsc. in Industrial Engineering. Expertise in NLP,  text sentiment analysis. Currently managing investment preparation, sales & marketing.

Ugur Gurcay

Ugur is an AI architect experienced in data processing, integration & cloud technology. He has implemented AI solutions to improve manufacturing and maintenance processes.

Tugce Nur Ozkan

Tugce is an experienced data engineer who has worked on important projects in the steel industry using statistical algorithms and ML models.