Company Name:

SIXPHERE Technologies S.L.

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Application Track:

Track 2

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Challenge Name:

Product Recognition in Pharmaceutical Logistics

Product Description

Polaris is a production management system for manufacturing industries, specifically designed for on-demand production, full paperless environments, IoT smart industries integration and big data.

The Multitask AI-based verification module allows engineers to set up intelligence verification processes for the delivery and reception stations, basic for multiplants industries and supply chain members. Essentially, trained intelligent models are implemented to detect anomalies in the delivery process and a web management tool is provided for issues management. These issues are a feedback for retraining and reinforcement for the models.

Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Seville, Spain


Manufacturing / Industry


Company maturity:

Live funding and product-market fit, Scaling in products or markets

Investment level:

Series A, Series B, Series C

Funding raised:

< EUR 1,000,000

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Company Description

Sixphere is a company founded in 2016, having innovation and technological vocation, by an entrepreneurial team with extensive previous experience in the digitalization of manufacturing processes.

The success achieved throughout these years in the execution of projects and challenges of a very diverse technological nature has allowed us to progressively increase our network of satisfied clients, growing in a sustainable way.

We make a difference by building digitization as a business culture. We are committed to sustainability in human growth and transparency in our operations. We develop mentoring against hierarchy, real labour flexibility, and community as an engine of innovation.

Involvement in Standardisation Bodies:

Polaris is already deployed in some aerospace industries in Spain. As a production management system, the collected data is used by the aero security authorities (AESA) to verify and audit the quality assurance plan, following the official standards.

Alejandra Rosa - Co-founder and CEO

Experience in financial management and business strategy planning. Specialist in .NET architecture, with knowledge in international remote team coordination.

Jesús María Jurado - Co-founder and COO

Graduate in Statistics and with extensive experience in data management systems, anomaly detection or audits security using deep learning.

José Antonio Mora - Co-founder and CTO

Software architect, mobile device expert development, AI and ML. Responsible for the conception and development of our own product, Polaris.

Fernando Jiménez - Computer Engineer

Computer Engineer with a Master’s degree in Logic, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Specialized in ML, Natural Language Processing and Natural Computing.

Pablo Román - Cloud infrastructure architect

Cloud infrastructure architect with extensive experience in the deployment of high load systems using kubernetes.