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Track 3

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CVMONRAIL - Computer Vision RAILway MONnitoring

Product Description

Virtualmech is developing an on-budget system that really is affordable for railway operators & maintainers to allow infrastructure management measuring from an operational vehicle. The defect detection must be robust and fast, so no important infrastructure damage is overlooked. The robustness and efficient acquisition and treatment of the images while keeping the costs controlled is our main unique selling point that cannot be reached by any of our competitors.

This can only be made with a good expertise in both computer vision and machine learning systems. Digital image processing will allow the detection of the main features in each frame that can then be evaluated by the neural networks. In addition, a good training of the neural network is essential, as the quantity of information that is going to be generated is really huge (RGB 2D pictures @ 100 Hz) and the only way to drastically reduce this data size is by filtering pictures as they are taken.

Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Sevilla, Spain


Manufacturing / Industry



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Pre-MVP and MVP

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Angel, Seed

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< EUR 1,000,000

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Company Description

Virtualmech is a mechanical engineering company that has specialized in the design, development, manufacturing, and implementation of different mechatronic measurement devices for industrial maintenance. Our main goal is to provide data to decision makers so they can make proper decisions based on objective criteria.

Since 2015, we have been working for industrial maintenance stakeholders in the Railway sector developing an Onboard Track Measurement System that incorporates more and more modules and capabilities for track maintenance with the passing time. In 2018 we first validated the technology for geometry and corrugation measurements. In 2021 we installed and tested a full autonomous system for geometry, corrugation, and railhead wear in Metro de Barcelona, second biggest metro network in Spain with more than 200 km of tracks. Our next steps is to incorporate new modules to the system such as brokerage of the rail detection and evaluation of different rail defects in the infrastructure, being the former the project that we propose for this REACH call.

Juan Valverde García - CTO & co-founder

He holds knowledge of the industrial market, the late technologies involved and the development of different R&D projects focusing on the knowledge to be fostered for each project.

Juan Manuel Amador Olivares - Head of development

He has plenty of experience designing, manufacturing and developing different measurement systems that work in a very robust way for the different industrial sectors.

Miguel Ángel Pérez Cutiño - Data Engineering

Data Engineering for the railway and solar power sector that is in charge of the deployment of the machine learning algorithms, optimising the dataflow of the systems developed and data governance.

Eduardo Briales Palacios - Product Manager

He has a very good knowledge of the railway sector market. This has allowed him to get to know really well the needs of the market, the different issues that the railway operators and maintainers aim to solve and how the different technologies are aligned with those purposes.