Company Name:

Voicemed S.à.r.l.

Incubation Round:


Application Track:

Track 3

Challenge Name:


Product Description

VoiceMed is developing proprietary algorithms to track asthma with vocal biomarkers using breathing sounds collected from a smartphone. This tech will be an additional medical device software integrated into the Airlyn mobile app, that allows users to change their behaviour to better manage their asthma (leading to increased quality of life, and decreasing asthma attacks), and allow healthcare payers to reduce costs.

This innovation will generate a new data value chain in which users receive their score to track their asthma, download the report and share it with their doctor, who can then have this data to take further decisions.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

Airlyn is based on a set of RESTful APIs that facilitate the interaction and integration with third parties, web applications and mobile apps.
The JSON schema is used to define this interaction.

Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Luxembourg (Strassen, Luxembourg)




Company maturity:

Pre-MVP and MVP

Investment level:


Funding raised:

< EUR 500,000

Collaboration opportunity:

Legal / Regulatory, Product development, Marketing, Product testing and revision

Company Description

Imagine a world where you can monitor your health using only a smartphone. Everywhere, at any time. This is the future with VoiceMed.

With genius life scientists, smart engineers, and passionate patients, Voicemed’s current focus is on developing proprietary algorithms to predict the worsening of asthma with vocal biomarkers. This technology will be integrated into the recently launched app Airlyn that allows users to track and improve their breathing by combining personalised feedback with clinically-proven breathing exercises. By improving asthma self-management, the current solution already allows healthcare insurers to reduce healthcare utilization costs. Voicemed initially targets private insurers, then will apply for regulated reimbursement schemes, securing payment from multiple insurers (e.g. DiGA in Germany). Voicemed makes patients safer, healthier & reduces healthcare costs.

Ph.D. Ayana De Brito Martins - CSO

PhD in computational biology, +9 years’ experience as a research scientist in computational biology, currently leading our research team.

Arianna Arienzo - CEO

CEO Entrepreneur in digital health and digital technologies, an economist by training, she has been working in high-tech consulting and is now leading the business area.

Fulvio Cordella - Biomedical Engineer

Experience in sound analysis for diagnosis and monitoring of diseases, researcher in the technological park Techno Science. Voice actor.

Francesco Saverio Quatrano - IT security

A computer engineer with experience in It risk management, data protection, and security governance process and regulations. Expertise in grant writing.

Luca Panzarella - product owner

15+ years of experience UX and product designer and manager with international experience in startup projects.

Giuseppe Vitolo - software engineer

10+ years of experience as a software developer working on different projects spanning multiple topics and technologies. MSc in Computer Engineering.

Venere Pasca - Corporate Communication & Media

Has a background in Corporate Communication & Media with 7 years of experience in public communication as communication manager at the University of Salerno.