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Track 3

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A smart workforce for smart manufacturing

Product Description

FORMATION provides teams in large workplaces with an interactive map that enables them to work more efficiently and safely. The map is available as an app for mobile devices and as a web-browser solution for your computer. It can be applied for in- & outdoor workplaces.

In large work environments like smart factories or other production & maintenance facilities there are often various teams and departments working at the same time as well as in shifts. This creates information silos. FORMATION provides a complete overview for every team to avoid missing information and mistakes and to enable faster and smoother work processes.

  • MQTT
  • GraphQL API
  • Websockets API
Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams




Manufacturing / Industry


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Pre-MVP and MVP

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< EUR 1,000,000

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Company Description

FORMATION GmbH is a software company based in Berlin, Germany. The company was established in 2020 and provides enterprise clients with a map-based software solution to increase team productivity and process optimization in large work environments. With this solution, the company won the Berlin Smart City Award in 2020. Today, the 10+ member team consists of serial entrepreneurs and experts in software development, location technology as well as legal, finance and sales. Companies such as Bosch and Deutsche Telekom support the team via their own funding and support programs.

Ian Hannigan

Ian Hannigan is a successful entrepreneur & product designer. As co-founder & MD of Fluid, he led the design of a tool used in 120 countries.

Jilles van Gurp

Jilles van Gurp is a veteran of the Berlin startup scene and a location software expert. He holds a PhD and worked with e.g. NOKIA & BCG.

Philipp Stelzer

Philipp Stelzer is a serial entrepreneur who founded and managed technology companies in the Netherlands, Australia and Germany.

Jacob Otto

Jacob Otto holds a Master’s degree in geotechnology and is an experienced programmer. Combining both worlds he creates advanced location tech.

Jan Lachenmayer

Jan Lachenmayer is a tech entrepreneur and managing director. He founded several profit and non-profit organizations.

Philipp Lachmund

Philipp Lachmund has a background in finance and legal and previously helped other startup to scale and close significant funding rounds.

Niklas Bloedorn

Niklas Bloedorn is a senior level cloud and backend engineer.