Available Assets

Available Assets

REACH facilitated the creation of secure and trusted multi-stakeholder data value chains (DVCs). The performance of incubated startups and SMEs depended on their access and use of key strategic resources, such as the latest cutting-edge tools and actual data. On this page, you could find the overview of the resources available and the links to more information.

Big Data Infrastructure

REACH has provided ready-to-use data analytics infrastructure for development and testing of data-fuelled solutions.

Computing & storage infrastructure

Cluster with different computing and storage nodes that will be provided to support the development of computationally intensive solutions that demand consistently high performance and dedicated resources. Three computing & storage infrastructures will be provided, bringing around 1500 CPUs with 13TB RAM in total, plus 170 GPUs, and almost 2PB storage.

Big Data Stack

A multi-tenant Big Data analytics toolset that will be provided to ease data science tasks of the incubated companies, on top of the previous layer. The Big Data Stack will integrate Open Source tools oriented to processing of big datasets: Jupyter Kernels (to interactively work at the cluster), and notebooks, Pip and Conda (Python package managers), Hadoop (MapReduce batch processing), HDFS (storage), Spark, Kafka (streamed real-time data processing), Elastic Search, among others.

Application Infrastructure

To enable the usage of other tools or frameworks, REACH also offers a virtual machine management infrastructure: OpenStack and Docker container orchestration framework, i.e. Kubernetes. This infrastructure will be offered to subgrantees in order to deploy their own solutions and tools not included in REACH Big Data stack.

REACH toolbox for secure and trusted data value chains

REACH Incubated startups & SMEs had access to state-of-the-art, ready-to-use technology solutions to develop Data Value Chains (DVC) conforming to the principles of shared trust, accountability, data ownership and security.

Privacy-Enhancing Tools

Tools to protect data flows, guaranteeing privacy in the case of personal data, and confidentiality in the case of industrial data. The portfolio includes Be-ys Research product Anonymizer, a completely customizable de-identification solution for all types of sensitive data; and PDP4E framework, an end-to-end set of model-driven tools to develop Privacy Enhancing Technologies, bringing data minimization, risk management, requirements engineering, privacy-aware design and assurance management.

Trusted Data Sharing and Auditing

Four ready-to-use DLT technologies for data integrity and accountability. Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is a solution that allows the integration of Web / Cloud Platforms in a Blockchain network, providing efficient permission management with regards to the data of their users. Data Sharing Blockchain Platform is a solution for data sharing and data permission management using a smart contract hierarchy, which also tackles data integrity verification. Blockchain healthcare audit messages storage tool enables the storage of critical healthcare audit messages in an immutable and transparent way. Be-ys Research product ProRegister is a unique GDPR-compliant blockchain model that combines 3 crypto-algorithms (“Proof of existence”, “Proof of matching” and “Proof of privacy”) and enables cross-organisation storage, sharing and auditability of application logs as well as automation of GDPR rights enforcement

Data Governance and Smart Contracts

Two advanced tools to support the development of advanced distributed ledger capabilities. MAX: agent-based simulator for blockchain applications building, a tool for rapid prototyping of industrial cases and doing feasibility analysis in a realistic manner. MAX includes a model library to simulate the behaviour of various blockchain systems. Framework for Trusted-by-design smart contracts in high-level languages, a proof environment that enables developers to create run-time monitors and verifiers for smart contracts.

REACH Service Catalogue

REACH offered a full range of tech and business services for data-driven startups and SMEs, The service catalogue has supported startups & SMEs from idea validation and product realization to market launch and funds raising.

Technology training and support

Big Data technological trends,
Big Data ecosystem,
Data Science and Machine Learning,
Big Data stack tools,
Privacy-by design solution development,
Data anonymisation and protection,
Blockchain applications and solutions design,
Continuous Integration & Development.

Business development, training and mentoring

Idea generation and materialisation,
Business plan definition,
Business canvas design,
Communication and pitching,
Business scaling up,
Data legislation.

Access to finance

Training and mentoring on Fundraising strategies,
Public funding opportunities,
Investor pitch guidance;
Matchmaking with investors,
Access to investor forums and networks.

REACH Themes & Challenges & Data Catalogue

The cornerstone of REACH are the Data Providers, their challenges and datasets, and Digital Innovation Hubs providing innovation and market guidance. Incubated startups and SMEs were invited to utilize these resources in order to propose and implement data driven business-oriented data fuelled solutions

DVC Themes

DIHs as knowledge and technology hubs in different regions, have expertise on cross sectorial data value themes that reflect the latest market and industry trends. Applicants are invited to address these themes either using available REACH data sets or with their own data sets. DIHs will also play an active role in networking with Data Providers across Europe

Data catalogue:

Data providers and DIHs provide sample datasets to be considered for data-centric innovation by REACH incubated startups. and SMEs. Those data samples are publicly available at the Data Catalogue. Some exemplary datasets that may be made available in the catalogue could be, e.g. marketing campaign statistics, sales data, credit card transaction data, mobility data and so on.

Challenge catalogue

Data providers and DIHs have outlined a set of challenges to be tackled by the incubated startups and SMEs, linked with their datasets available. Some exemplary challenges could be, e.g. CPC prediction, sales forecasting, credit card fraud prediction and so on.

REACH Intelligence

REACH Intelligence is a knowledge repository that comprises of various research, content and insights produced by the REACH consortium with collaboration with its stakeholders.

The topics covered originate from the data industry and are intending to provide the reader deeper understanding of the ecosystem, technology and trends. Articles provided dwelve deeper into the thematic, and differ from the tone and angle of content provided in the news section.