Data-driven forecast of production, distribution and retail sales in the agricultural sector




Digital Marketing and Retail

Description of the DVC THEME

This theme wants to explore and leverage the interactions between data from different digital platforms  and producers, distributors and retailers in the agricultural sector. 

On the one hand, targeted digital marketing campaigns and the success of such campaigns can be an indicator to foresee success of certain products and hence drive purchase orders to agriculture exploitations. Retail producers could launch marketing campaigns to study possible impact of certain new products in collaboration with agriculture producers of ingredients of such products. This mechanism for holistic smart marketing could leverage representatives from the three sectors. 

On the other hand, there are car-pooling platforms providing information on the demand and offer of transport services with information on the planned or possible routes and transport capacities. This could be an option for local food family farms to distribute their products through a cost-effective and green transportation network.

Expected global results:

To create a data value chain that allows:

  • To optimize production of agricultural products based on digital marketing data
  • To optimize distribution of agricultural products based on car-pooling data
  • To optimize retail sales of agricultural products based on digital marketing data
  • To reduce the waste of fresh food
  • To optimize the whole chain production-distribution-retail of agricultural products based on digital data