REACH Incubator: A Journey of Innovation Comes to a Successful End

Mar 4, 2024

After an impactful journey that commenced in September 2020, REACH Incubator has reached its end, leaving behind a legacy of fostering innovation in the data-driven startup ecosystem.


Over the course of three annual incubation rounds, each spanning 11 months and focusing on business-oriented experimentations, REACH has been a catalyst for 103 startups, providing them with a total of €3.5 million in equity-free funding.

The program’s success is evident in the impressive outcomes of these incubation rounds. Notably, 40 new data value chains have been established, alongside the development of 30 Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and the launch of 24 data products into the market. Furthermore, 19 startups have successfully secured private investment, underscoring the real-world impact of the incubation program.

REACH Incubator is leaving behind its REACH Intelligence page, which is a knowledge repository that comprises of various research, content and insights produced by the REACH consortium with collaboration with its stakeholders. The topics covered originate from the data industry and are intending to provide the reader deeper understanding of the ecosystem, technology and trends

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the startups, mentors, and partners who have been part of this incredible journey

As we bid farewell to the REACH Incubator, we celebrate the innovative spirit, collaborative efforts, and transformative impact it has had on the European startup landscape. The program’s legacy will continue to inspire future initiatives in the dynamic world of data-driven entrepreneurship.

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