We spoke to our Explore stage winner Cropt about the challenges they face in the AgTech sector

Jul 16, 2021

Cropt is an innovative startup that develops data-driven solutions for high-tech agriculture. They are currently taking part in the REACH Experiment stage, developing their MVP. We spoke to them about the challenges and opportunities they see within the AgTech sector. They are using satellite, soil and weather data along with Delta’s field books to train advanced machine learning models for crop growth modelling.

Cropt has got quite a few things currently on their plate – from collaborating with companies on product development, to listening and reacting to the demands of the market. The company is on a lookout for new partners experienced in distribution, product testing and revision in order to scale-up their business.

Novel technologies are shaping the future of agriculture. From automation and the use of AI, to robotics – things are changing fast. We are seeing drastical culture change while on the other hand more and more IT-educated young people are embracing agriculture, leveraging their digital skills to enhance food production.

The dependence on data is their biggest challenge up to date, however the startup is excelling at this endeavour and is partnering up with agriculture companies and seed breeders to get the data needed to produce their solution. Parallel to that, they are employing state-of-the-art transfer learning techniques to increase the efficiency of agriculture and help farmers produce more with less.

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