Performance based classification of keywords in Google networks

by | Nov 5, 2022

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Summary of the entity:

JOT Internet Media is part of Cube Ventures, one of the leading digital groups in Europe. Based in Madrid and with offices in Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Italy and more than 280 employees, the group is focused on lead generation, services monetization, digital marketing, media and investments.

Summary of the challenge:

Analysis of the keyword performance in and Google related networks to determine which are the list of keywords (and categories) that perform better.  The main goal is to generate a decision-making system to select the most adequate network to launch campaigns with a new list of keywords.


Analysis of the performance of keywords and categories depending on the ad environment where it is active ( and Google partners).

Main goal is the generation of a classification system enabling the categorization of the keywords depending on the expected performance in and Google network.

Final user will be the marketing manager that should be able to launch:

  • Google only campaigns
  • Google network only campaigns
  • General campaigns

The reporting service should be done at the country level. Initially, the countries to be analysed will be GER, GBR and USA.

Expected outcomes:

At least one of the following should be addressed:

  • Outcome 1: Classification of the EXISTING keyword depending on the most adequate ad platform;
  • Outcome 2: Classification of NEW keyword depending on the most adequate ad platform.

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