Company Name:

Advanced Infrastructure Technology Limited

Incubation Round:


Application Track:

Track 3

Challenge Name:

Data for Future Energy Systems

Product Description

The platform future-proofs power grid investment decisions by removing the uncertainty of evolving customer demand in the face of mass electrification of transport and heating. The platform also reduces engineering time and promotes customer self-service by automating complex voltage and fault analytics tasks.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

The Common Information Model (CIM) is an electric power transmission and distribution standard developed by the electric power industry. It aims to allow application software to exchange information about an electrical network. It has been officially adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).



Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Cambridge UK




Company maturity:

Scaling in products or markets

Investment level:

Series A

Funding raised:

> EUR 1,000,000

Collaboration opportunity:

Product testing and revision, Investment

Company Description

We build Enterprise SaaS tools for Power Utilities to help them keep pace with the Energy Transition. Our platform is a spatial analytics tool for power grids with up-to-date information on every customer and their energy usage. The platform connects digital twins across buildings, energy and transport to model and forecast energy demand across both short and long term time horizons.

Christopher Jackson - CEO

Former Head of the UK Decentralised Energy Market function of E.ON, Commercial Director of a system integration company, and former Strategy Director of a leading battery,  solar and electric vehicle integration company. Formerly project director for one of the largest Innovate-UK smart energy testbeds and one the Energy Data Taskforce workstreams where the issue of siloed industry data was identified as a barrier for whole systems optimisation.

Suhas Dattatreya - CTO

A seasoned technology leader with over 10 years experience in complex system modelling and natural language processing. Industry expert in Software Engineering and Systems Architecture with an excellent understanding of databases, backend scripting, and event-based, and dynamic programming to develop real-time data applications. Suhas led the teams of engineers delivering the big-data aggregation platform behind one of the largest e-commerce platforms. Suhas has comprehensive knowledge of AWS, GCP cloud environments for designing, developing, and delivering scalable SaaS and PaaS applications.

Lily Cairns Haylor - CPO

Oversees all teams responsible for building and creating our products and experiences. Responsible for setting the company’s product strategy and overseeing product development, user experience, business development, content creation and customer operations. Lily has led the deployment and development of LAEP+ for Project LEO and RESOP.