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Track 3

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Daitomic Sanctions

Product Description

Daitomic is a RegTech SaaS solution that integrates cutting-edge AI technologies with a homogeneous legal standard, thus making regulations machine-readable. This SaaS platform is automatically updated in real-time on regulatory changes, also offering streamlined impact analysis and regulatory trends recognition.

These features help compliance specialists save time for strategic and value-added activities, allowing them to make faster and more accurate decisions and also to anticipate business opportunities.

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*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Pisa, Italy




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Pre-MVP and MVP

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< EUR 1,000,000

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Company Description

Aptus.AI is shaping knowledge, by making information digitally accessible.
They have developed a game-changing proprietary AI technology that creates a machine-readable version of digital documents, also adapting to different kind of textual contents. This new electronic format offers interactive access to legal data, allowing humans to save time and helping them make the right decisions.

Today Aptus.AI use this disruptive format in the RegTech market with Daitomic, our innovative solution that exploits AI to make financial regulations machine-readable, thus offering streamlined impact analysis and regulatory trends recognition, which allows for making faster and more accurate compliance strategies.

Andrea Tesei - CEO

Aptus.AI CEO. His entrepreneurial and tech skills allow him to handle complex situations that span the full product lifecycle.

Lorenzo De Mattei - CTO

Aptus.AI CTO. Specialized in NLP, brings a thoughtful perspective and deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.

Gabriele Mazza - Product advisor

Aptus.AI Product advisor. Experienced and driven Compliance expert with 13+ years of proven track record in financial institutions.

Samuel Fabrizi - Machine Learning Engineer

Aptus.AI Machine Learning Engineer. Passionate and enthusiastic computer scientist, he is specialized in Artificial Intelligence.