Company Name:


Incubation Round:

Explore, Experiment, Evolve

Application Track:

Track 3

Challenge Name:

Soybean varieties recommendation

Product Description

Every year farmers are confronted with the decision what to plant on their fields. It is a tough one, as there are hundreds of varieties out there and it is hard to pick the one suited for the local growing conditions. Within the Reach Incubator, Cropt is collaborating with Delta, the biggest agricultural company in Serbia, whose Selsem soybean varieties are among the most popular in the region.

Cropt is using satellite, soil and weather data along with Delta’s field books to train advanced machine learning models for crop growth modelling. Based on the predicted yield, the Selsem soybean variety optimal for the local environment is recommended to the farmer. In this way, Delta’s clients are achieving higher profits and the company has a huge opportunity to boost its sales.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:
Open Geospatial Consortium standards, International soil classifications systems, FAO soil field description guides.

Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams






Company maturity:

Live funding and product-market fit

Investment level:

Series A

Funding raised:

< EUR 200,000

Collaboration opportunity:

Company Description

Cropt is an innovative startup that develops data-driven solutions for high-tech agriculture. It started off as a spin-off from the BioSense Institute, the European Centre of Excellence for advanced technologies in sustainable agriculture. Since that initial spark, Cropt has grown into an AI and data science powerhouse. Long-standing partnerships with global players and an ever-expanding portfolio of digital agriculture success stories challenge our team to think bigger and reach higher to create more sustainable and resilient food systems.

Sanja Brdar, PhD

CEO and co-founder

10+ years of experience in development of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for application in AgTech.

Oskar Marko, PhD

CTO and co-founder

Machine learning expert highly interested in application of data analytics in agriculture.

Maša Mimica

Business Development Manager

Covers the financial matters and works on accelerating Cropt’s growth.

Prof. Vladimir Crnojević

Business Advisor

Director of BioSense Institute for IT in agriculture and the World Bank’s expert on AgTech.