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Smart Watering

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Application Track:

Track 3

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Product Description

Smart Watering is the AI powered, automated irrigation system that enables smart and hustle-free irrigation using a device in the field and mobile application. It enables growers to introduce better informed data-driven decision making about irrigation and do the whole process remotely.

Smart Watering automates the whole process of irrigation and fertigation thus saving farmers 1000 EUR/month, one worker in the field and over 90 hours a month that farmer spent on manual irrigation. Furthermore, through optimised water consumption, Smart Watering is saving 405 m3 per hectare – an amount of water that covers the annual water consumption of 2 average European households.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

  •  CSV
  • APIs
  • XML
  • JSON
Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Novi Sad, Serbia


Smart agriculture/aggtech


Company maturity:

Scaling in products or markets

Investment level:

Angel, Seed

Funding raised:

< EUR 1,000,000

Collaboration opportunity:

Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution, Service / Support, Investment

Company Description

Smart Watering Solutons DOO is a company founded in April 2018, and its main activity is the production of controllers and software for smart and automatic irrigation.
Smart Watering follows global trends in the development of IoT solutions and smart irrigation systems applicable in both Serbian and global agriculture. We are based in Novi Sad, and currently have 5 employees.

VISION: Bringing smart and autonomous irrigation to the world

MISSION: Helping farmers achieve more with less

OBJECTIVES: To become a global leader in the world of autonomous irrigation based on sensors


Lazar Jovanović

Co-founder of the company and CEO. Electrical engineer by profession, and an entrepreneur by spirit. Graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, majoring in power electronics and electrical machines. He started his career in the largest software company in Novi Sad, Schneider Electric DMS, first as a scholarship holder and after that he worked as a tender manager in the sales team. He owns a hazelnut plantation, which inspired Smart Watering.

Zoran Đukić

Cofounder of the company and a CTO. Started career back in 2007 as a freelance software developer. Awarded student with GPA of 10.00 at the Faculty of science where he mastered Computer science. He is a CTO at Miami based startup Referizer and has over 12 years of experience in software development.

Dragan Cuca

Hardware engineer, who started working for the largest hardware development company in Novi Sad, RT RK. He has over 14 years in hardware and firmware design and development. He has worked on design of devices for autonomous driving for Audi and BMW and many advanced projects.

Zoran Đogić

Fruit engineer with 14 years experience. Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, majoring in fruit growing. Since 2006, he has been participating in raising, managing and advising orchards with a total area of over 800 ha.

Actively participated in creating and designing innovation in planting  such as 10,000 apple seedlings per hectare, planting fruit on banks, raising dense orchards of cherries, raising plantations of Asian plum varieties and planting seedless grapes.

Jelena Arsenić

Dedicated BSc of agroeconomy. After several entry level positions in various industries decided to pursue her dream job connecting agriculture and marketing. Working as a marketing assistant at Smart Watering since June 2021. She is responsible for copywriting, social media, and community management