Profiling and clustering elderly people in need of support at home with data from different information sources and sectors

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The Government of Biscay is the provincial executive body of Biscay, which is directly elected by citizens. Core competences of the Government of Biscay are full taxation power, complete development of Social Services and Economic Promotion, among others, such as culture promotion, transport, infrastructure promotion, agriculture and environment, within the wide level of autonomy of the Basque Country. The main function of the Department of Social Action (which participates in this project) is to provide service to all those in Biscay who, due to a personal, family or social situation, have difficulties in leading a dignified and full life.

Summary of the challenge:

In this challenge the aim is to obtain the characteristics and profiles of dependent people, whose care is provided at home and their caregivers and to improve the lives of dependents and their careers.


Society in Europe is ageing. Public administrations are challenged with offering the best possible services for elderly people to promote their autonomy and well-being. Elderly people aim to maintain their autonomy for as long as possible so that they do not have to be institutionalized, and they can remain in their homes where they want to stay. In this challenge, the aim is to obtain:

  • The characteristics and profiles of people in need of support, dependent people, whose care is provided at home and their caregivers.
  • Possible external data sources that could be integrated with the proposed dataset in order to improve the lives of dependents and their caregivers, with their consumption profiles. For example: electricity consumption data, data, food consumption data, Pharmacy consumption data, Internet consumption data, etc.

Expected outcomes:

To create a data value chain that allows:

  • Identify patterns that could help personalization of services.
  • Get better data.
  • Offer a profile of dependent people and their careers in the territory of Biscay.

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