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Beedata Analytics SL

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Track 2

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B2B Energy – Behavioural Predictive Model

Product Description

The proposal is focused on offering a big data analytics toolkit to support EDP in identifying main customer segments and classifying new contracts according to their likelihood of terminating the energy contract with the company (EDP) and also according to their likelihood of acquiring new services.

At the same time, the toolkit offers the possibility to identify the main properties of specific contracts with a given probability value within a segment to prepare specific campaigns or products, and to identify contracts similar to a reference contract that the company is interested in, or to filter-out clusters based on a specific attribute or list of attributes.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

We will use weather data of of typical meteorological year (TMY) from the Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS), created by the European Commission. The TMY is generated in PVGIS following the procedure described in ISO 15927, ans is public access. TMY is formed by: Date and time, horizontal irradiance, Air pressure, Dry bulb temperature, Wind speed and direction, Relative humidity. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

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*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams


Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain


Energy | Operation and maintenance sector


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Scaling in products or markets

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< EUR 1,000,000

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Company Description

Beedata Analytics translates smart meters data, customer and billing data into actionable intelligence for customer engagement and business intelligence . Beedata makes big data relevant, massive, friendly, useful and accessible for those energy retailers and DSO who want to take profit from the hidden information.

Our scope is on customer engagement to improve energy awareness and deepen customer relationships, and on business intelligence to help develop new services, and enhance the productivity of sales and client attention teams. Beedata was founded in April 2017, as a spin-off from a UPC research centre called CIMNE (

The big data analytics open source (EUPL 1.2 license) architecture based on Hadoop, emerged from several EU projects and was tested with 10 European utilities. In 2021we reach 13 clients, and 400.000 consumers.

In parallel, in 2020 we launched our service of massive support selling of PV systems, and our clients sold 4000 installations per year in 2021. In 2022, we launched the first solar calculator and engagement cloud based on hourly loads (100.000 consumers)

Xavier Cipriano - founder, president, and CEO

Applied Researcher in energy efficiency, solar energy systems, and energy management in buildings and urban districts. Background in Engineering by the University of Barcelona with Msc energy efficiency in buildings. Specialist in energy saving measures and user engagement in public and private organisations since 2001. Participating, within the last twelve years, in 20 research European projects and in 12 research and consultancy National projects. 8 publications in international scientific journals and more than 30 papers in international and national congresses. One of the founders of INERGY (, He was CTO from 2003 to 2011. Responsible for the implementation of Energy Information Systems and Energy Urban Plans in more than 300 municipalities and regional administration in Spain, UK and Mediterranean Region within this period. From 2017 is founder, president, and CEO of Beedata analytics SL.

Daniel Pérez - founder and CTO

Senior research, group leader and management level in energy efficiency concepts, solar energy systems in buildings and urban areas, more specifically In Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Big data analytics applied to wind prediction, natural ventilation, energy management and energy behaviour of buildings and users. His background is industrial engineering by tha UPC and Msc In nNumerical Methods. Specialist in energy analytics for existing buildings and urban contexts. Group leader and one of the founders of the BEE Group of CIMNE ( Participating, within the last 20 years, in 36 research European projects and in 16 research and consultancy National projects. One of the founders of the energy services company INERGY ( In the last 6 years dedicated to the conception and development, within a Big Data analytics environment, for energy awareness and energy management services for end users. Since 2017 is founder and CTO of Beedata annalytics SL , full time job.

Aleix Badia - head of business intelligence

Senior data scientist, electronic engineer (UPC) and Msc in Decision Systems (statistics and operational research) ). He is specialist in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning analytics for the the electricity and gas market in EU. Responsible of the analytics area in energy retail, energy services companies and energy software providers, within the last 15 years. From 2011-2015 at Som Energia ( he was responsible for system integration of third-party analytics SaaS focused on energy awareness, and ERP improvement to automatize utility operations in the Spanish daily market. B. Since 2016 he joined full time Beegroup at CIMNE, and then Beedata (2017) and has been dedicated to the conception and development, within a Big Data environment, of machine learning and IA algorithms for energy awareness and energy management services for end users. He is the head of the area of business intelligence and advanced analytics at Beedata.

Carolina Sareyan - Big Data Architect

Senior Computer engineer by the University of Buenos Aim and MsC in Big Data management, technology and analytics. She is specialist in big data architectures based on Hadoop and Spark apache framework, specifically in the last 3 years she has focused his work on Big data architectures and systems for the electricity and gas market in the EU. She is one of the big data architects and systems developers at Beedata, She is part of the team responsible for design and development of the different big data architectures needed for massive energy data treatment in the different EU projects where Beedata participates. She is specialist on analytics implementations in high-productivity, and high-speed computing environments, adapted to the needs of the electricity and gas market. Shee is also specialist in the communication layer (API; web service) and management layer (Kafka, airflow) linked to Hadoop ecosystems.