Company Name:

IDUN Technologies

Incubation Round:


Application Track:

Track 3

Challenge Name:

Neurofeedback AI Music

Product Description

The IDUN Guardian is essentially an earbud (hearable) with the ability to understand user needs by understanding their brain activity. This provides a new way for earbuds to be designed with neuro-enhanced product experiences such as a smart playlist which changes music to better improve wellness and focus. Currently the IDUN Guardian is being optimized to deliver an optimal sleep experience by allowing the sleep environment of a person to change through smart home and music. Through music and environment people can fall asleep easily and wake up ready to live their lives.

LAIFE is a company which produces music created with artificial intelligence. By creating interoperability between the IDUN Guardian and LAIFE generated music, an optimal sleep experience can be provided to people by stimulating the onset of sleep with music and sound tailored to the unique needs of individual people.

Usage of Standards for data interoperability:

  • OpenAPI Specification
  • Open data format
Reach Timeline

*Expose phase is open to all Experiment phase teams




Health | Media


Company maturity:

Pre-MVP and MVP

Investment level:

Series A

Funding raised:

> EUR 1,000,000

Collaboration opportunity:

Company Description

IDUN Technologies AG was founded as a spin-off of ETH Zurich in 2017. IDUN has its current core business activities and expertise in the field of comfortable sensors for biopotential electrodes. IDUN Technologies enables the next generation of wearable devices for future healthcare needs and the Internet of Humans. IDUN achieves this through the development of brain computer interface devices in a headphone form-factor. IDUN algorithms accurately capture brain activity signals to better understand the needs of humans by understanding human emotions with empathic technology. In Q2 2021 IDUN will launch the Guardian Development Kit, one of the first commercially available ear EEG devices. The Guardian integrates biopotential technology into hearable products, enabling the Internet of Humans. The Guardian will allow customers to develop applications using in-ear mobile EEG via the IDUN Cloud and API. The IDUN API provides seamless access to raw or processed EEG data as well as advanced features such as emotion characterization, enabling the neuro-enhanced of product experiences including sleep, music, meditation, wellness, gaming, automotive and many others.

Involvement in Standardisation Bodies:

European DIGITAL SME Alliance

Simon Bachmann

CEO & Co-founder shapes our vision, holistically implements strategy and influences operations in the commercialization and tech development tracks.

Séverine Chardonnens

Co-Founder & CCO shapes our vision, holistically implements our strategy and drives our commercialization efforts. Also in charge of managing IP.

Dr. Moritz Thielen

CTO manages all R&D, coordinating material development, electronics development, application engineering, physiology research and software development.

Dr. Katja Junker

Materials Engineer, leads material development, material selection, processing and testing, in-house sample production, prototyping and quality control.

Helge Meichssner

Head of Finance and Operations, supports growth journey, drives the scaling up in the areas of finance, company compliance and administration.

Kai Lutz

Head Neuropsychology, identification and application of biomarkers derived from brain signals for emotions, stress, and optimal states of mind.

Abigail Holland

Neuro Research Engineer, software development, validate offerings at each stage of product development, identify next steps and uniquely identify potential solutions.

Andrea Fümm

Systems Engineer, responsible for data acquisition, electronics development, bio signal processing and IT infrastructure.

Dr. Mark Melnykowycz

Product Developer, As an artist-engineer, I take a holistic approach to developing products, bridging the gap between R&D and applications.

Marina Molnar

Office Manager, eye for details, ensures the office runs at full functional, and supports administrative tasks needed in overseeing our corporate governance.

Cao Tri Do

Data Scientist, full data science lifecycle, from backend to frontend, implementing cloud computing infrastructure as well as design machine learning products.

Elisa Gasparri

Neuropsychology Intern, supports with the identification of neural and psychological applications of the “Internet of Humans”.

Vera Birrer

Intern Engineer HW/SW Interface,extensive knowledge in electronics to find the best hardware solution, tests the system and finally connects it to our software.

Anja Rusch

Material Development Intern, fascinated about the link between human body and modern technologies, improving testing and electrode materials.

Mayank Jain

Neuroengineer, showcases neurotechnology’s capabilities, creates demos like brain-augmented games and emotionally responsive smart rooms using deep learning.

Fabian Haake

Neuropsychology Intern, takes part in the development of our revolutionary materials in the lab as well as testing and analysis.

Imre Kertesz

Intern in Neurotechnology, BCI development with a background in electrical engineering, machine learning, supports the development of the ML pipelines and API.

Kenneth Zhang

Machine Learning Intern, develops deep learning architectures to better understand neurological data in order to widen the scope of possibilities for new neurotechnologies.

Valérie Rüfenacht

Copywriter & Marketing Assistant, develops strategic thinking, serving innovative ideas and content creation, supports in writing and PR.