Description of the DVC THEME

Smart buildings and controlled IoT devices can change the way millions of people live in their own buildings. They can assist them to learn their own houses/ buildings and improve them.

IoT devices can offer great knowledge regarding the energy consumed by the building as well as by each individual device, providing important knowledge for defining building operation optimization strategies. However, occupants do not want to compensate for their comfort, while a cheap and non-intrusive way is preferable. Thus, the information needed for smart buildings operation should be extracted in an unobtrusive manner, by inferring occupancy, comfort, activity, and a load of individual devices.

On the other hand, during the last decades, a lot of buildings have been equipped with PV systems, producing their own energy. The current trend is to optimize the building operation and render it as a small micro-grid. But, again the need for an automated system to optimize this operation is mandatory.

The main challenge for smart buildings and micro-grids is to develop systems capable of extracting meaningful information in an unobtrusive manner, as well as to develop systems for optimizing net metering operations.

Expected global results:

To create a data value chain that allows:

  • building managers/ owners to optimize building performance.
  • building managers/ owners to optimize RES and storage equipment.
  • building managers/ owners to extract occupancy and comfort information in a non-intrusive manner.
  • building managers/ owners to extract meaningful information about the individual devices’ consumption in a non-intrusive manner.
  • energy utilities to provide added value services for energy saving to their customers.