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Get to know the REACH startups and their products/services developed at each stage of the incubation programme.

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REACH Incubator, as well as its predecessor EDI, are part of the Big Data Value Association. You are invited to check BDVA’s PPP marketplace and EDI portfolio of startups for the latest big data innovations.


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Amplify Analytix Ltd

Demand Forecasting at Scale.


CartGuard helps retail businesses to assess auto checkout transactions.

Ideas Forward

Enhancing trust in logistics carbon accounting through dependable emissions data value chains.

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH

Energy Cost Analyser, Forecaster and Simulator (ecostar3) is a web application to help utility companies tracking current and past energy costs and estimating their budget needs for the following months.

Urban Monkeys GmbH

Within REACH, Urban Monkeys will develop a data platform for cities to analyze and predict tourist behaviour to derive solutions to counter the negative sides of mass tourism and to better distribute tourist demand and offerings across the city.

Youbiquo srl

QiMaL: an artificial intelligence platform for defect analysis in additive manufacturing machine.

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