6 startups earn their ticket to the final phase of the programme

Oct 2, 2023

10 startups traveled to Bilbao, Spain, for the 2-day pitching battle, out of which 6 got to move on to the final stage of the incubation programme.

Reach Incubator celebrated the EXPERIMENT stage final event for iteration 3, Pitch day, in BAT B Accelerator Tower, in downtown Bilbao, an amazing place where technology startups are thriving!

The startups that journeyed to Bilbao represent a diverse spectrum of technological domains, spanning energy, transportation, retail, logistics, finance, production, and tourism.

The 10 startups which presented their innovative solutions are:

During those two days, the startups presented their technical and business pitches in front of a jury of experts, who after a long deliberation decided on the winners:

  • Amplify Analytix
  • Ideas Forward
  • CartGuard
  • OmegaLambdaTec GmbH
  • Urban Monkeys
  • Youbiquo

In the next stage, called EVOLVE, they’ll have the chance to further develop and launch their groundbreaking products within a two-month period.

Stay tuned for the final pitching event, planned during Slush in Helsinki, Finland!

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