REACH Incubator Ultimate Pitch Battle: Celebrating Innovation and Success at Slush

Dec 7, 2023

The recent REACH Incubator Ultimate Pitch Battle held at Slush proved to be an exhilarating showcase of groundbreaking entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

Startups from our Round 3 cohort and esteemed REACH alumni captivated the audience with their impressive presentations, marking a momentous occasion in the journey of data-driven innovation. Here is what went down:

Round 3 Startups Unveil Cutting-Edge Solutions

Six ambitious startups from our Round 3 cohort took the stage, each presenting their innovative solutions aimed at transforming diverse sectors. The riveting pitches demonstrated the wide spectrum of ideas and technological advancements these startups are spearheading a variety of industries ranging from energy and health to retail and transportation.

Amongst the impressive pitches of our EVOLVE startups, CartGuard shone brightly as the ultimate victor. Their pioneering approach and vision resonated profoundly, securing the esteemed title of the winner at the REACH Incubator Ultimate Pitch Battle!

Celebrating the REACH Alumni

Adding to the excitement were the pitches from four REACH alumni. These seasoned entrepreneurs, now alumni of the REACH Incubator, returned to share their growth and achievements since their initial participation. Their inspiring presentations were a testament to the enduring impact and support of the REACH community.

List of alumni:

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