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Acceleralia SL

Revolutionize your company’s marketing strategy with our cutting-edge algorithm, designed to optimize and streamline your marketing actions for maximum efficiency and success.

Accelogress Limited

PiTStOP – Public Transport Service Occupancy Prediction.


Digital Marketing Automation and Optimization platform

Advanced Infrastructure Technology Limited

Spatial analytics for the energy transition.


Incorporation of AI&ML in the logic of loan approval.


PENGUIN AI-Powered rEnewable eNerGy soUrces forecastINg

Amplify Analytix Ltd

Demand Forecasting at Scale.


Aqurate Personalize helps eCommerce shops get the most out of each visitor, boosting conversions and AOV through AI-driven personalized product recommendations.


AssetFloow is a Behavioral AI software that provides insights about what shoppers do in a retail store, without cameras or sensors.

Optimizing AI for lightning-fast speed and cost efficiency.


CartGuard helps retail businesses to assess auto checkout transactions.


Citio Analytics and Occupancy API use the available data of transport networks to reconstruct origin-destination flows and the occupancy levels; and to predict the occupancy future routes.


RDextractor is an AI-powered solution for the accurate automatic extraction and classification of road infrastructure defects.

Digital Data Spain SL

Digital Health Social Media and Web Monitoring.


DPella is a tool for doing privacy-preserving analytics.


VisioYao is a semantic computer vision system: it allows automatically checking whether an order is fully and correctly picked, using images taken during the order picking process.


An AI platform for detecting non-performing loans for existing and new corporate clients.


FireDash, the Fire Management Analytical Platform.


New contract and churn advisor for energy services contracts.

Ideas Forward

Enhancing trust in logistics carbon accounting through dependable emissions data value chains.


Smart IoT platform for maintenance and monitoring


A Computer Vision Deep Learning-based System to Automate the Process of Scanning Medicine Packages.


Explainable Artificial Intelligence for the Detection of Fraud in Optician Data.

Machine Wise

mWise Deep News Insights is a news media analysis and co-creation platform of next-generation.

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH

Energy Cost Analyser, Forecaster and Simulator (ecostar3) is a web application to help utility companies tracking current and past energy costs and estimating their budget needs for the following months.


ROSETTA – Robust object detection from images


POWERTWIN digitaltwin ecosystem for lifecycle asset management for buildings and infrastructures.

Prime Holding

MOVE-BILBO is a solution for optimising public transportation which helps bus operators to streamline their operations, resulting in reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction

Proteineer GmbH

Genomic Product Passport for Enzyme Manufacturing (GPPEM) – A federated network enabling discovery of product passport info for privately-held digital sequence data in the field of industrial biotechnology.


Quantum-assisted synthetic data generation for proxy reconstruction in finance.


ENTICE is an AI-powered computer vision technology that detects and tracks retail products, enhancing buyer experiences in supermarkets, particularly within refrigerators.


Visibility for Supply chains powered by sensors, trackers and blockchain

Simtera Bilisim Iletisim Teknolojileri LTD

FabMetrics (FM) is a low-code platform that provides machine builders (MB) and OEMs the ability to integrate digital solutions into their physical products and leverage the power of AI and IIoT.

Smart Watering

Smart Watering is the AI powered, automated irrigation system that enables smart and hustle-free irrigation using a device in the field and mobile application.

Urban Monkeys GmbH

Within REACH, Urban Monkeys will develop a data platform for cities to analyze and predict tourist behaviour to derive solutions to counter the negative sides of mass tourism and to better distribute tourist demand and offerings across the city.


Vertliner’s AI-SCEND project deploys an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with image-based instance segmentation capabilities of objects of interest in construction sites.

Voicemed S.à.r.l.

Tracking asthma with your smartphone using vocal biomarkers.

Wiseside srl

Energy Supply Chain Optimization.

Youbiquo srl

QiMaL: an artificial intelligence platform for defect analysis in additive manufacturing machine.

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